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You Have Requested : Chesapeake.Shores.S04E01.7...

It won't be easy to repair the inn to the state they want it to be, but Trace is back in town. He'll have to stick around the family someplace other than The Bridge or else how can he wear away at Abby?

You have requested : Chesapeake.Shores.S04E01.7...

  • Please note that gif requests are not first come first serve and who I choose to gif is completely based on how available their content is, as well as how much interest I have in them as a fc.Currently Working OnWIPKennedy HermansenSkam Austin 2x03WIPMadelyn ClineOuterbanks Season 1WIPWilla FitzgeraldDare Me 1x04 Buddiessite infoaboutTheme

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130Jul 06 2017JOSEFINE FRIDA PETTERSEN AS NOORA SÆTRE IN SKAM S4Under the read more you will find 248 gifs of Josefine Frida Pettersen as Noora Sætre in episodes 4x01, 4x02, 4x03, 4x04 and 4x05 of Skam. All of the gifs has been made by myself, and are under 2 MB. I would appreciate if no one claims them as their own if they use them in a gif hunt. Please, do not edit these gifs in any way, crop them, or turn them into gif icons. Thank you, and please like or reblog if you plan on using.

FIW. PREparE instead of PRECEDE, geeK instead of DORK, COaN instead of COHN, and BOUTeQUE (UNTIE!), in addition to collateral damage to the perps. Waited for kea/LOA and nik/NIC.I attended STOMPin' 76 in Galax, VA. It was informally known as "the Bluegrass Woodstock." Since I was there with the TV station I worked for, I had an all access pass. Great fun, at least the parts I remember.I really wanted Pecos for the Brazos River city, but couldn't add a square.Hand up for thinking of Rhapsody in Blue as Gershwin's classic. Makes me want to fly UAL.I lived in LA when solar water heating tax credits were available. By statute, using the subsidized solar to heat pools was prohibited. Everyone I knew that took the tax credit waited a year, then re-plumbed the system to heat the pool.The promise of recycling BINs didn't come true. No one wants glass, and only a little of the plastic is recycled. Cans get recycled in the USA, but cardboard is shipped to China. If a single food-contaminated piece of cardboard is detected (lookin' at YOU, pizza boy), the entire container is rejected and returned to the USA. One of our seven Tidewater cities, Chesapeake, has dropped out of the program. Others are trying to figure out how to pay for the rapidly escalating costs.I think of DORK as being a nicer substitute for a vulgar version of Richard, not necessarily a nerd or geek. In Yiddish, a putz.FLN, Lucina, congrats on the "new" car. Also, IIRC, you have to drive through APACHE Junction to get to Roosevelt Lake from the Phoenix area. We used to have weekend regattas there every year. Too far to drive just for a one-day race.

Fun EE->EEK theme. Hand up quite a challenge. Theme helped a lot. Proud to FIR.Glad to see SPRINGS and LEAPS. I was inspired to upload one of my many Madagascar videos.Here is my video of Dancing Sifaka Lemurs doing SPRINGS and LEAPS.Note: This is a video. You have to play it to see why they are called Dancing Sifaka Lemurs.OK... We are heading out the door to the Bay Area for the week!

Hi Y'all! Thank you for the clever challenge, Brad. Quit a few unknowns. Who knew EEK could be spelled 7 different ways. Amusing. See, I do like some hard puzzles.D-otto: Ya done good!Lucina, good luck with the car! Wish we lived cler. You could have had my 2016 Encore with 600 miles on it. Hasn't been out of the garage for about 3 years.Picard: those Lemurs are fascinating. Thanks.Anon at 2:57: I agree that YTD doesn't normally appear on a balance sheet. When I kept books at a car dealership, I used to have a sales report to do that gave total monthly (MO) sales of each kind of vehicle then a second YTD total of each. Sales report is not a balance sheet.C.C. Thoughts & prayers continue for your comfort.

Thank you, Brad, and thank you, Desper-otto.I finally got to solve the puzzle and read the review. Very nice. A few typos along the way that were caught. I especially like the USGS link to all of those articles.Unclefred, you might try the link to the WAPO site at the top right of the main page and see if you experience the same problem. Which online site were you using ? I have never heard of anything like that. I have had to replace laptop keyboards a few times over the years, but usually it has been a group of keys not working, and they failed in every app. Lucina, good to hear that have found a car. We had a nice visit yesterday afternoon and evening from a grand niece and her family that were in Chicago for the "Harry Potter Magic at Play Experience." As we were talking it dawned on me that my 1993 pickup is a few months older than she is.

Now this was an excellent puzzle. A true crossword puzzle, in which (almost) every answer can be figured out by reasoning. Not a situation in which you have to first off know the answer because it otherwise cannot be DOPED out. Most of the proper names can be solved with help from the fair perps, and even though AROD crossed COHN it was possible to reason that the crossing letter would be "O". Loved it. This puzzle was fun to spend time on.

The Coffee Cup (Boulder City, NV), Frank's Diner (Kenosha, WI), Gaffey Street Diner (San Pedro, CA)Join Guy this week, as he focuses on the most important meal of the day, Breakfast. Dig into the "Garbage Plate" at a local hangout in Wisconsin, check out killer omelettes in a Nevada diner, and have a breakfast fit for The Duke in California.

El Indio (San Diego, CA), Charlie's Diner (Spencer, MA), Paradise Pup (Des Plaines, IL)Stops include a Mexican restaurant and tortilla factory in San Diego where father and daughter work side-by-side. A Massachusetts diner where father and son have been working together for 20 years. And a legendary Chicago burger joint where two brothers turn out for char-burgers and three-layer fries.

Schooner or Later (Long Beach, CA), Grinder's (Kansas City, MO), The Fly Trap (Ferndale, MI), Gailwood Cook Shack (Chicago, IL)Guy visits places where the specials are totally off the hook. Ever have a chili and tater-tot pizza?

Tommy's Joynt (San Francisco, CA), Joe Tess Place (Omaha, NE), Big Jim's (Pittsburgh, PA)Guy Fieri checks out places the locals have been loving for decades: In San Francisco, a classic joint that's made fresh-carved hot meat sandwiches for more than 60 years; in Omaha, an 80-year-old tavern turned fish market and in Pittsburgh, a family place making Italian American favorites for more than 40 years.

This trip Guy's rolling coast to coast for flavor. In Astoria, New York, a dive bar cranking out slow roasted lamb ribs with fresh tzatziki. In Geyserville, California, a third-generation Italian restaurant serving up the family meatball recipe in a slider. And in Indianapolis, a catering kitchen turned restaurant where something called tomato bon bons have become a local favorite.

Deep fried dishes have been all over the map on DDD. You won't want to miss these fried beauties, from classics like the Fried Chicken Sandwich at Show Dogs, Fish and Chips from Mac's Fish and Chips, and the Chicharrones that Guy went bananas over at Highland Tavern, to the righteous Lobster Pops at Rizzo's Diner and Deep Fried Bacon at Tupelo's. And something you've never had in your school lunches, Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly at South Philadelphia Tap Room. This is a fully fried hour of all-out righteousness.

On DDD, Guy has sampled some of the best food in America and its border buddies. Many of those joints have a special way of keeping us up late, like polka and pierogi at Nye's Polonaise Room, and servin' up outrageous food well into the midnight hour, like the around-the-clock menu at Sip and Bite. From triple decker duck at Tattooed Moose to top notch pub grub at Tampa Bay Brewing Company to 24-hour spots from coast to coast, one thing all these late night haunts have in common is great food at all hours.

Some of the tastiest stops on Guy's DDD road trip have been at Mexican joints, where generations-old family recipes and totally fresh ingredients combine to create incredible food. Coast to coast, from Chicago to Salt Lake City to San Diego, new twists on old classics are keeping tradition alive. From the chicken stuffed sopapilla at Salsa Brava to the pozole at La Texanita and the outta bounds smoked trout at Momocho, this one-hour special is stuffed to the brim with south of the border stunners.

Guy has traveled far and wide in the ol' Camaro, hitting up a tasty variety of butchers, barbecue masters and grilling greats. In this one-hour DDD special, we'll relive some of the most incredible dishes ever created over flames and inside smokers. We're hitting everything from all-American burgers in Tampa, to smoked deli meats in Toronto, to octopus and jerk chicken all the way in Hawaii. And a grilling road trip this stacked wouldn't be complete without a trip to Texas for some classic 'cue. Tuck a napkin into your collar and dig in, this meat spectacular will have you hankerin' for seconds.

In this one-hour special, Guy's taking a whirlwind tour of the Windy City, exploring the flavors of Chicago. From new twists on burgers to old-school joints dishing out diner classics, and a tasty variety of the city's international eats like authentic Scandinavian, legit Caribbean and a legendary German landmark. And you can't pass up the real deal hot dogs and righteous Italian beef Chicago is known for. This culinary road trip through Chi-town will have you hankering for some outstanding big city eats. 041b061a72


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