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ESP8266 And The Arduino IDE Part 9: Websockets

In part 8 we set up a self refreshing webpage that displayed the temperature and humidity from a DHT11. In part 9 we took a first look at websockets. In part 10 we combine the two and add a few embellishments.

ESP8266 and the Arduino IDE Part 9: Websockets

If restarts are random or the exception code differs between restarts,then the problem may be caused by h/w. If the issue occurs for standardexamples and stable esp8266 /arduino core, them the issue isalmost certainly caused by h/w.

Now open the ESP-8266.ino arduino IDE file found in the above github. First issue I hit was that I needed to change the flash size of my esp8266 in the IDE. So I choose generic ESP8266, then set the flash size as shown, and last clicked upload. This will get the webserver files in place. 350c69d7ab


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