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Military Single |VERIFIED|

Our 'Responder: Military Edition' single panel scally cap is a nod to those who have served and continue to serve our great country. Many of our loyal customers have been requesting a military line and we wanted to come through.

military single

Staff Sgt. Amanda Scheer, 60th Contracting Squadron contracting specialist, and her daughter, Paisley, pose for a photo in Vallejo, Calif., Aug. 20, 2017. Scheer is a single mother and has served in the Air Force for six years. (Courtesy photo by Valerie Ozella)

Staff Sgt. Amanda Scheer, 60th Contracting Squadron contracting specialist, poses for a photo in her office at Travis Air Force Base, Calif., while holding artwork her daughter Paisley created, Nov. 10, 2018. Scheer is a single mother and has served in the Air Force for six years. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. James Hodgman)

This study evaluated the effects of yoga on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, resilience, and mindfulness in military personnel. Participants completing the yoga intervention were 12 current or former military personnel who met the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders-Fourth Edition-Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) diagnostic criteria for PTSD. Results were also benchmarked against other military intervention studies of PTSD using the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS; Blake et al., 2000) as an outcome measure. Results of within-subject analyses supported the study's primary hypothesis that yoga would reduce PTSD symptoms (d = 0.768; t = 2.822; p = .009) but did not support the hypothesis that yoga would significantly increase mindfulness (d = 0.392; t = -0.9500; p = .181) and resilience (d = 0.270; t = -1.220; p = .124) in this population. Benchmarking results indicated that, as compared with the aggregated treatment benchmark (d = 1.074) obtained from published clinical trials, the current study's treatment effect (d = 0.768) was visibly lower, and compared with the waitlist control benchmark (d = 0.156), the treatment effect in the current study was visibly higher.

Magenta Military: During congestion, customers on this plan using >100GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p). Up to 5GB high-speed tethering then unlimited on our network at max 3G speeds. Magenta MAX Military: Activate up to 4K UHD streaming on capable device, or video typically streams at 480p. Up to 40GB high-speed tethering then unlimited on our network at max 3G speeds. 5G: Capable device req'd; coverage not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see plan for details. Verify military service within 45 days or pay up to $20 more per line per month. 50% off additional price for lines 2 to 6 with AutoPay.

The validation process typically happens in a few quick steps and takes less than 10 minutes. You will have 45 days from plan activation to verify your eligible military status or you will be moved to a Magenta or Magenta Plus plan with no military discount, which will result in a price increase of up to $20/line per month.

Visit a T-Mobile retail store or call 1-800-T-MOBILE. Existing customers can just call 611 from your mobile device. You'll be asked to validate your eligible military status after you complete activation.

Customers with eligible military status and their families, including active duty military, veterans, National Guard, Reserve, and Gold Star family members, are eligible for Magenta Military or Magenta MAX Military.

No, to activate Magenta Military or Magenta MAX Military you will need to visit a T-Mobile retail store or call 1-800-T-MOBILE, change your rate plan to Magenta Military or Magenta MAX Military and verify your eligible military status.

After activating or switching to Magenta Military or Magenta MAX Military you'll need to verify your military status. Ensure that the military person or Gold Star family member is designated as the primary account holder. Visit your local T-Mobile store and we'll walk you through the process. If you're making the change over the phone and need to verify, you can verify your status at

To verify that the military member is on the account, they must be the primary account holder. For active duty military members who are deployed, we will work with their spouse or family member to verify eligibility. Visit a T-Mobile retail store, or call 1-800-T-MOBILE for assistance.

In some cases, you may be asked to provide additional details to verify your eligibility (such as Business customers with account type \"B\"). If further information is required, you will be notified right away, and will need to upload documents confirming your military status to complete your verification.

The President tasked the Thirteenth Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation (QRMC) with examining whether the military should move to a single-salary system (SSS). An SSS would combine basic pay and allowances into a single, taxable compensation with no differences in the amounts paid to single and married servicemembers.

Eliminating BAH would affect more than those currently in the military. As part of its educational benefits, the Post-9/11 GI Bill, administered through the Department of Veterans Affairs, provides a housing benefit to students based on BAH rates for E5s with dependents. Most program beneficiaries qualify for a housing allowance, which accounts for the largest portion of expenditures.

The shift toward a single fuel began in the late 1980s, aimed at streamlining the logistics headache of supplying a military that used half a dozen different types of fuel for aircraft and ground vehicles. Under this policy, which has since been further standardized with our NATO allies, the United States military predominantly uses JP-8 fuel to run its ground vehicles and land-based aircraft. JP-8 is commercial jet aviation fuel, with military additives for improved lubrication and inhibition of static, icing, and corrosion. The main advantage of using JP-8 as a common fuel is that unlike diesel and gasoline that can only be used in their respective engines, JP-8 can be used in both turbine-engine aircraft and diesel-powered ground equipment. While JP-8 is not perfectly suited for standard diesel engines, its chemical properties are close enough that the logistical efficiencies outweigh performance drawbacks.

As far as logistics go, the most salient single feature of the warfare in question was its dependence on the internal combustion engine both on land and in the air. For decades past, everybody had realized that dependence and some sought to reduce it. As of the present, though, instead of being diminished by new technologies it is still increasing.

Leaders inside and outside the Pentagon, however, fear that the US military will be unable to operationalize new warfighting concepts because outdated logistics will be the limiting factor. Marine leaders have become increasingly preoccupied with the challenge of distributed and contested logistics in the Pacific. Wargaming in the service has shown that sustainment, particularly fuel sustainment, is a leading operational constraint. The commandant did not mince words with his assessment in 2020:

In a similar vein to this article, the alternative to single fuels should also examine blended or hybrid solutions. The Chinese are experimenting with small modular nuclear as described above with a notable difference. They are employing the nuclear generation for fixed point power requirements but a byproduct or parallel to this power generation is their use as electrolyzers as well as power sources which effectively creates a distributed hydrogen fuel generation infrastructure. In this way they have local power sources and local hydrogen fuel for transportation requirements.

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) provides money to cover service members' housing and related costs in the civilian market when government quarters are not provided. If you live in privatized military housing, you will receive BAH.

Military pay benefits are constantly changing. Make sure you're up-to-date with everything you've earned. Subscribe to to receive updates on all of your military pay and benefits, delivered directly to your inbox.

As a single service member, it is important to have a personal network of peers, friends and family members to help you cope with the challenges that you may experience throughout a deployment cycle. They can help you feel connected to life at home, cope with the stress of a combat environment and help you readjust when you return from deployment. Try using the tips and suggestions below to help you strengthen and expand your personal support network.

Single service member programs are a great way to develop new friendships and reinforce existing ones. These programs support the overall quality of single service members' lives by identifying common challenges, recommending ways to address these concerns through the chain of command, encouraging and assisting single service members in identifying and planning for recreation and leisure activities and providing single service members with the opportunity to participate in and contribute to their respective communities.

As service members move up in rank, they get more housing options to choose from, if available. Junior single service members can live in complexes that resemble a modern college dormitory, which could consist of a single or shared room with a shared living area. 041b061a72


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