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Xfer Serum Skins WORK

- Added signiture for authenticity NOTE: I update these skins periodically for little things I notice while I work or if someone else points out issues. So feel free to reach out if you have a request! The free updates get pushed to all users.

Xfer Serum Skins

Even as an avid Serum user, it wasn't too long ago that I found out how easy it was to customize the skin of my Serum software to better match my taste and aesthetic. Now, I constantly recommend to my producer friends who are Serum users to look for new skins, so they can elevate their production setups.

There you have it, a list of the best free Serum skins out there. Of course, our list of Serum skins is totally subjective, and there are plenty of other custom Serum skins out there. However, I hope you can add this ultimate list of free Serum skins to your custom Serum skins folder and try them out to see if any inspire you.

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