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Joseph Massey
Joseph Massey

Iann Dior - Heartbreak3r (Official Lyric Video)

In this heartfelt emo-pop track, iann gives me everything from Backstreet Boys to 3/5) vibes as he relies on intoxicating melodies and honest lyrics to call out someone that he sees as a full-time troll. Personally, I love how this track is sappy in a relatable way and dramatic in a high school way.

iann dior - heartbreak3r (Official Lyric Video)

The first time that I heard iann dior on a track with Lil Baby. At the time, I could tell that iann was a rapper that probably listened to Blink-182 growing up, but felt obligated to make hip-hop music. These days, iann embraces his emo ways. In on to better things, he sounds fully comfortable in his own skin. 041b061a72


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