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Watch 24 - 5x22 1

Arizona finds Callie sleeping on a gurney and she tells Callie she is hurt and angry. She thought they were going somewhere, but if Callie is just making the round of girl surgeons... Callie says they went to a fancy restaurant. The salad cost $26.95, and the wine $125 a bottle. Callie didn't even look at the entrees as she knew she couldn't order one because she was already out $75. Then the bill came and Arizona paid. Before they brought over the check, Callie was trying to figure out how to get through the rest of the week if her half was $75. She doesn't have 75 bucks because her father has disowned her and cleared out her bank account. Callie is working in the ER because she needs the money. 6 people died on her watch today and she's exhausted and fried. Callie wanted to stay in last night, but Arizona wanted to go out. Arizona says it's okay. They'll stay in and eat sandwiches. Arizona doesn't like sandwiches, but she likes the girl who has the sandwiches. Callie decides she likes pizza better, which also works for Arizona.

Watch 24 - 5x22 1

The episode was written by Ryan Koh and directed by Ken Whittingham. It included a guest appearance by Idris Elba, who played new Dunder Mifflin vice president Charles Miner. The episode received generally positive reviews, and was voted the fourth best episode of the season in a poll at the fan site OfficeTally. According to Nielsen ratings, it was watched by 8.24 million viewers, and was the most watched program among viewers aged between 18 and 49.

"Heavy Competition" was written by Ryan Koh and directed by Ken Whittingham. It was the fifth of six episodes guest starring Idris Elba, best known as Stringer Bell from The Wire. Elba said he did not watch the episode after it aired because "I'm hypercritical about my work, so I try not to torture myself."[1] Rainn Wilson said he liked the episode because it demonstrated growth for his character and the relationship between Michael and Dwight; he said "I like the way they let characters grow and change on the show,"[2] and said of his character, "It's not the same acolyte ass kissing as season 2".[2] Wilson said the moment Dwight spun around the HarperCollins secretary saying "Spin move", which was included in the script, was one of the most popular moments of the episode among the writers. Wilson said of filming the move, "We did like five spin moves and once I did a somersault. I thought I was being all nimble and quick, but no. I watch it and it looks like a manatee doing ballet at SeaWorld."[2]

In its original American broadcast on April 16, 2009, "Heavy Competition" was watched by 8.24 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings. It captured a 5.5 rating[8]/11 share among viewers aged between 18 and 49, making it the most watched episode of the night among that age group. Additionally, the episode captured a 4.5 rating/14 share among viewers aged between 18 and 34.[9]

The episode starts with Caroline crying over Stefan's dead body at the Whitmore dorm, while Damon and Elena arrive. Stefan watches them from the other side while he starts to be pulled from existence, as the other side continues to crumble. He tries to hold on and Lexi appears, saving him.

At 7pm, Liv starts chanting the spell while her brother watches from the other side, encouraging her. Liz is still at the Grill with Markos, who doesn't let her go. Knowing that she has to leave so the plan can be completed, she pretends to smell gas and she leads Markos to the storage room to investigate. When he turns his back to her to check where the leak comes from, she hits him and messages Damon to start. Markos gets up and stops her before she leaves.

Damon and Alaric arrive and Alaric goes through first. Damon asks where Elena is and Bonnie assures him she is safe. At the same time, Luke can't let his sister die and he chants a spell making her stop. Damon tries to pass through Bonnie after the spell has stopped so it no longer works, leaving him trapped in the other side. Elena tries desperately to find Liv so she can start the spell again, but Bonnie tells her that it's too late and Elena collapses. Damon is watching and Bonnie leaves them alone to say their goodbyes.

The 5XSST scoring is based on the amount of time (to the nearest decimal in seconds) a patient is able to transfer from a seated to a standing position and back to sitting five times. The equipment need in performing 5XSST test includes: Stopwatch and standard height chair with straight back (43-45 cm, 17-18 inches high). Then the instruction is given by asking the test taker to sit on the chair by resting their back. Also, the test taker is instructed to fold their arms across their chest. Then the test taker should be instructed to do sit-to-stand five times, as quickly as possible, at the count of go and without their back or leg resting on the chair between the interval of repetition. 041b061a72


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