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Virtual Ps2 Memory Card Maker

Virtual PS2 Memory Card Maker

If you are a fan of PlayStation 2 games and want to play them on your PC using an emulator, you may need a virtual memory card to save your progress. A virtual memory card is a file that simulates the functionality of a real PS2 memory card. You can create and manage virtual memory cards using various tools and programs.


One of the most popular tools for working with virtual memory cards is mymc, a public domain utility that can import and export save files in different formats. You can use mymc to create a new virtual memory card image (.ps2) or open an existing one. You can then browse the contents of the image and add or remove save files as you wish. You can also rename, copy, delete, or format the virtual memory card image.

Download File:

mymc supports the following save file formats:

  • MAX Drive (.max)

  • EMS (.psu)

  • SharkPort (.sps)

  • X-Port (.xps)

  • Code Breaker (.cbs)

mymc is compatible with the PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2, which can load and use virtual memory card images directly. You can download mymc from [here].

Open PS2 Loader

Another way to create and use virtual memory cards is to use Open PS2 Loader, a homebrew program that can run PS2 games from various sources, such as USB drives, internal hard drives, or network shares. Open PS2 Loader has a feature called VMC (Virtual Memory Card), which allows you to create up to two virtual memory cards per game. Each VMC file has a size of 8 MB and is stored in the same folder as the game.

To use VMC, you need to enable it in the game settings menu of Open PS2 Loader. You can then select the slot and the name of the VMC file you want to create or use. You can also copy, delete, or rename VMC files using the file manager of Open PS2 Loader.

Open PS2 Loader requires a modded PS2 console or a Free McBoot memory card to run. You can download Open PS2 Loader from [here]. You can also watch a tutorial video on how to use VMC from [here].


Virtual memory cards are useful for playing PS2 games on your PC or modded console. They allow you to save your progress and transfer your data between different devices. There are various tools and programs that can help you create and manage virtual memory cards, such as mymc and Open PS2 Loader. You can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.


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